Kater Blau

Kater Blau


Dimensions: 20x15cm

Inside view of Der Acid Bogen room in Kater Blau

Original medium: Japanese ink brush and watercolor paint on sketchbook paper

Signed and stamped fine art prints on museum-quality, cotton-blend paper with archival inks

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The contemporary incarnation of Berlin’s legendary Bar 25 is Kater Blau, a kaleidoscopic circus rave. In the outdoor Der Acid Bogen room I sketched from the top of the stadium seating circling its carnivalesque dance pit. Squinting through smoke, strobes and swaying asses, I focused on the floral garlands laced around the DJ booth and wooden bar, the cat snout peeking above the stage and the dangling light fixtures flashing around a huge revolving lantern. A woman dancing on the railing would occasionally hop over to peer at my sketchbook.